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It's Make a Scarecrow Day (7-21) ...Bonus Project!

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It's Make a Scarecrow Day (7-21) ...Bonus Project! Empty It's Make a Scarecrow Day (7-21) ...Bonus Project!

Post  goofygramma Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:57 am

It's Make a Scarecrow Day (7-21) ...Bonus Project! 7-21

The most famous scarecrow may be in the "Wizard of Oz", but they can be found all over the world. Their name comes from using a device to scare away crows, but they are really used to keep any bird or animal from disturbing seeds, shoots and fruit. They can also be used at your house to welcome guests or just to decorate your yard.

*How To Make a Scarecrow*


A regular kitchen broom
A cross piece for arms (yard stick, pvc pipe, wood)
Duct tape
Rubber bands
Any kind of old clothes


1. The bristle end of the broom is the head. Measure 6 inches down the broom handle and mark with a pen. Tape your cross piece for the arms at the mark by wrapping the duct tape in X's front and back.

2. Dress you scarecrow any fun way you like. You can use a dress, t-shirt, sports jacket, overalls or anything else you have on hand. If you use overalls, cut a hole in the seat for the broom stick to go through. Add gloves to the end of the arms last and secure with rubber bands.

3. You can stuff or not stuff your scarecrow. Garbage bags make good stuffing if you don't have bales of straw. Secure any openings with rubber bands or duct tape as you go.

4. Finishing touches could be a hat, sunglasses, earrings or drawing on a face. When complete, just stick the broom handle in the ground wherever you want your scarecrow to stand. Use your imagination and...


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